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Welcome to your French fry Shop ! 🍟

French Fry Head offers kitchen accessories for French fries, whether it's for cutting, cooking or presentation, you'll find what you need. Take a look at our blog to find out more about French fries.

The French Fry Cutter for efficient Slicing !

But what is this manual device that is now found in so many kitchens...

This utensil, known as a French fry cutter, slices potatoes into uniform sticks. It will save you a maximum of time for a result as delicious as attractive. As it is multi-functional, the French fry cutter can also cut other foods such as vegetables.

French Fry Plate

Making French fries has never been easier

With the help of our range of utensils, you can easily cook and serve your own French fries. With an oil-free fryer you can cook golden brown and healthy French fries. There is something for absolutely every taste !

However, as you may have noticed, we do not only have household appliances for frying. For every function there is a specific tool for frying, which we have.

With this variety, you can change the shape of your French fries, their texture or their appearance effortlessly.

On that note, keep the fries and enjoy !

Eat French Fries Couple

For Home Cooks

Our utensils can easily find their way into the kitchen drawers of households that want to prepare French fries on a regular basis. First of all, take your best potato for fries, then equip yourself with our best performing accessories and finally, see for yourself how effective they are. 🍴

You'll be able to ditch most of your ill-fitting kitchen tools and make fries effortlessly. It will become child's play, cutting fries will seem more accessible and you will say goodbye to frozen French fries.

Who says you have to work in a restaurant to have quality tools for French fries ? Not us, anyway 😉

Woman Cooking

For Professionals in the Food Industry

Of course, if there is one area that our site is concerned with and what it offers, it is the restaurant business. Whether you are the owner of a simple French fry shop, a fast food restaurant or any other take-away snack, you have come to the right place.

If you want to be able to carve homemade French fries, using a professional French fry cutter can be ideal as you won't have any more trouble making fresh and delicious food. 👩🍳

To take it a step further, other home appliances that you can make use of on a daily basis also have their commercial versions. Notably the professional deep fryer that allows you to cook your fried potatoes in record time and in large quantities.

Why Use Frying Equipment ?

It is legitimate to ask why you should use such equipment even though there are several other accessories that are sufficient for making French fries. On the one hand, if there are kitchen utensils whose sole purpose is to help you cook French fries, it is because there are no other instruments that perform this function as perfectly. The appearance of your fries can be made even more beautiful than it already is with the help of containers and other displays that cannot be found elsewhere. ✅

It's worth noting that while we tend to defend other appliances that aren't meant for our beloved golden sticks because they're versatile, frying appliances are also multi-functional. The famous "French fries" as our American neighbours would say are not the only ones concerned by frying equipment. It is also possible to fry other foods such as vegetables for fritters, chicken for nuggets or fish for fish and French fries. Not only that, but the wavy cutters can also be used to slice original shaped sticks (including vegetables). In fact, there are many new recipes, and we're counting on you to discover them.

Finally, the equipment we present has been based on the commercial requirements of French fry shop who need robust and durable utensils. That's why our products allow you to enjoy a professional and long-term experience. One of the reasons for this is that we use stainless steel in the manufacture of our kitchen tools. We decided to select this metal for you because, in addition to being resistant, it has interesting properties, such as being anti-corrosive. Thanks to this, the indispensable hygiene rules in the kitchen will be respected. 💧

The Best Kitchen Utensils for French Fries

All of our accessories have been tested and approved to give you exceptional use. You will be able to enjoy a delicious hamburger with your fresh French fries and sauce in complete safety. Solidity, performance and a long life are guaranteed. If you would like to know more about our different product ranges, please read on...

When it comes to cooking your crispy French fries, you can buy one of our many deep fryers. These are presented under various categories such as the professional fryer or the oil-free fryer already mentioned above. But there are other models, the mini fryer as well as the traditional fryer are less known appliances and yet, we also have them. Most of our deep fryers come with a stainless steel basket or a removable bowl for the hot air fryers. If you already have one, it is also possible to simply buy a frying basket.

Once your succulent, low-fat (hopefully) home French fries have been cooked, you'll need to find a display for them. For this purpose, our trays or cones of French fries should suit you. Restaurant owner or not, you'll be able to serve them properly. 🍟

Do you have leftover portions of French fries that you had previously prepared ? Think of the fry warmer, it is an electric device generally adopted by catering places such as brasseries or bistros in which you will be able to keep the temperature of your French fries. Even if they were taken out of your oil bath several hours ago, you can still enjoy them without them being cold or burning your palate.

So, whether you are a gourmet lover of Belgian fries or the manager of a mobile canteen serving frozen French fries, there will always be one or more equipment for you. Don't hesitate to join us on our social networks to share your good times dipping your fries in ketchup or mayonnaise. 👍

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