8 Incredible French Fry Anecdotes

- By : Jhon Elliot

8 Incredible French Fry Anecdotes

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Do you think you know everything about French fries ? Are you looking for new and exciting stories about the dish we all love ? Will you be able to prove that you know absolutely nothing about French fries ?

You know our unconditional love for this side dish. It's because of this passion that we've come up with a selection of 8 incredible French Fry Anecdotes.

This article will allow you to discover :
  • Incredible records made with these golden sticks
  • The amazing numbers behind the consumption of French fries
  • Where to find out more about them

Thanks to these unusual stories, you'll know everything there is to know about French fries and become a real fanatic. We would like to welcome you to the club in advance.

Let's not delay any longer and let's go ! 🍟

1) The French Fry Experiment in Space

In a 2014 study, two Greek researchers teamed up with ESA (European Space Agency) to be able to test the effects of gravity on frying. Using a centrifuge, they discovered that as gravity increased, the French fries naturally became crisper. The conclusion was clear : the perfect fry should be made in a place with three times the gravity of the Earth.

French Fries in Space

Unfortunately for the astronauts on the International Space Station and for us, research also indicates that French fries in microgravity would be soggy and visually awful...

But that's not all ! The saga of potato sticks in space is not over and has had other episodes. It turns out that a Belgian radio host (another Belgian involvement in the fries story !) named David Antoine has achieved the feat of sending a packet of fries into space (more exactly, beyond the stratosphere, i.e. 12 kilometres above the earth). He accomplished this performance in Brussels, in April 2016, thanks to a strategy based on the use of a giant balloon filled with helium. 🎈

The balloon in question was equipped with a camera that filmed it for almost 2 hours, from take-off to landing. Needless to say, the event created a real buzz on the web, especially on a Belgian scale. Here is a video made by the radio station concerned which sums up the experience very well. If you are as intrigued as we are and would like to know more, please watch it. 👇

🎬 The 1st packet of (Belgian) fries in space ! - Radio Contact 🎬 

2) The Record for the Biggest French Fry Eater

Records are set every year, and the field of cooking is often filled with fierce competitors. Whether it's making oversized dishes or gobbling up as much food as possible in as little time as possible. Of course, the French fry is no exception to the rule, and neither are its fans. 🍴

It is in Comines that one of the most unusual competitions takes place every year: that of the biggest French Fry eater. The current record was set on Monday 3 August 2015. This crazy competition included no less than 25 participants. The adults each had a 900g plate of cooked French fries in front of them (a dream, isn't it) while the teenagers had to gobble up a 500g portion.

As for the children, their ration consisted of 250g of sticks. All of these had to be eaten in the minimum time, with or without vinegar, mayonnaise or other accompaniments. The choice was left to each participant to season according to his or her preference and strategy. 🧠

Record French Fries

Although this competition is repeated every year, it was in 2005 that the current record (5 minutes and 52 seconds) was achieved by a young man, named Benjamin, who was only 17 years old. Finally, this feat is all the more impressive as the previous time was 9 minutes and 47 seconds. Benjamin therefore managed to take almost half the time of his predecessor ! However, the story doesn't tell us how difficult it was to digest. 😅

3) The Confusion over the Origin of French Fries

Despite the fact that everyone knows about French fries, there is an ongoing debate where no one agrees on which country created these famous golden sticks. First called "French Fries" due to a linguistic misunderstanding, the fries are now claimed by France, Belgium and even Spain. Spain played a major role in the importation of the potato during the time of the conquistadors, long before the other protagonists.

French Fry Origin

  • As far as France is concerned, his argument is based on the time when Chips were sold by Parisian hawkers, accompanied by large basins of frying oil, especially on the new bridge. Hence the name apples new bridge, which refers to French fries with a cross-section of 1 cm by 1 cm. Not forgetting the role played by Antoine Augustin Parmentier, who greatly contributed to the introduction and popularity of the potato in France. French flag
  • Belgium, for its part, supports the theory that fries originated in the Namur region, where potatoes were fried and substituted for the usual food : small fried fish. This happened naturally in winter when the local river, the Meuse, froze over and there was a shortage of food, thus creating the interest in the root plant. Belgian flag

This unclear part of history has been passed down through the ages without ever finding a clear answer that suits everyone. Being interested in this mystery, we ourselves conducted our own investigation through a blog post to find out who invented French fries, we invite you to go and check it out for more details. 🔎

4) Automatic French Fry Dispensers

In the 1990s, an American food company, Ore-Ida, still the market leader for frozen potatoes in the United States, wanted to diversify its range. To do so, it provided more than 300 vending machines that could offer a hot portion of French fries in less than a minute. Equipped with a hot air system, these machines can make regular quantities of sticks (unfortunately, sweet potato French fries are not part of the game 😥), completely autonomously and only 1 meter away from the consumer.

French Fry Dispenser

Fried potato machines still exist but we have not found any contemporary mention of an Ore-Ida machine. However, at present, a similar machine that fries potatoes in beef fat (as is the Belgian tradition) and prepares them in a record time of 90 seconds can be found in Brussels grocery shops. ⏱

It would seem that the market is of interest to many commercial entities as there are regular trials of French fries vending machine designs. For example, in 2015, a prototype was developed at a Dutch university, with the participation of a start-up. However, it can be assumed that commercialisation did not proceed, as no record of this collaboration could be found over the last 5 years.

So if you are a fan of both French fries and the Lepine competition, you know what you have to do. Get your calculators, plotting instruments or computers and get your brain working. The French fry world is waiting for you to take the concept and create a satisfactory as well as economically viable model. ✅

5) Frietmuseum, the Museum of Fries in Bruges

It is well known that our dear Belgian friends have a devouring passion for potatoes and more precisely for fries. This is probably why they came up with the idea of creating a museum dedicated solely to this tuber. Even if some may find this theme offbeat, this place offers enthusiasts a real educational approach to the subject which is peeled from top to bottom. 📜


If you find yourself in the beautiful city of Bruges, known as the Venice of the North, you should not miss the Saaihalle, one of the city's most emblematic and historic buildings. Here you will find the world's one and only museum of fries : the Frietmuseum. Inside, you can learn about the history of the potato, including the fact that the potato is over 10,000 years old.

The tour continues with a look at the history of the fry, the different ways of preparing it in different countries and the various possible seasonings. Did you know that the famous samurai sauce was a Belgian creation ? This is just one example among many, you will not be at the end of your surprises !

French Fry Museum

You will have the opportunity to learn new information about your favourite dish. In addition, all this knowledge has been gathered by real French fry historians. Finally, you will be able to admire unique pieces such as some old models of deep fryers, French fry cutters or French fry baskets that are no longer available for sale. We invite you not to miss this unmissable visit which will satisfy all potato stick lovers but also all the simply curious. 👀

6) The World's Biggest French Fry

Another new record ? Of course it is, and not just any record, as this is the longest French fry in the world ! The story begins like this : Angelo Turco has owned Louie's Hot Dogs in Buffalo, New York, for over forty years and works with his father, Louis Turco, in the family restaurant. One day, while driving to work, Turco hears on the radio that two customers of one of Louie's competitors found a foot-long Frenchfry in their order. 📐

Louie's Hot Dog

Now, in their restaurant, d'Angelo's family is used to serving spectacularly long French fries because Louis, the father, has invented a rotary French fry cutter that creates a ribbon-like fry, cut from the most phenomenal potatoes. So it doesn't seem particularly impressive to them. After some research, Turco discovered that no previous record had been officially entered into the Guinness World Records, so we'll leave you to imagine what happened next...

"I was surprised that there was no record for the world's largest fry until we started cutting this... thing."

-Angelo Turco-

Giant French Fry

Accompanied by his uncle and father, Angelo first succeeded in producing a 1.80 m stick but his determination pushed him to do it again to break his own record live on the radio station WYRK with a French fry measuring 3.10 m. Finally, in September 2011, he achieved a final performance that was certified by the Guinness World Record. This feat still remains unbeaten today with a length of over 3.60 m ! 🏆

7) The Country that Eats the Most French Fries

This section contains information, statistics and figures about both potatoes and French fries. Indeed, you know that at the base of every French fry, there is a potato...

  • First of all, the world's largest producer of potatoes is China, ahead of India and the Russian Federation. No surprise, since these are countries with a large surface area and a large population. 📈
  • By the way, the potato is the third most consumed crop in the world after rice and wheat, it is truly an essential food in everyday life.
  • Europeans are the biggest consumers, in kilos of potatoes per capita. In 2005, each inhabitant ate 87.8 kilos, which is almost 250 grams per day. 🥔

Let's move on to the figures for our favourite golden sticks. For the sake of intellectual honesty, we would like to point out that the following miscellaneous information relates only to frozen French fries. It is much more difficult to estimate the consumption of home French fries.

  • The first point concerns Belgium, which is the world's largest exporter of fries.
  • Unsurprisingly, the biggest eaters of frozen fries are also Belgians, who eat 16 kilos per year per family, only at home. 🏠
  • Even if the worldwide consumption of fries is increasing, it should be noted, and we are the first to deplore it, that the trend is less and less towards fresh and more towards collective catering. All the more reason to opt for fresh fries !

8) All the Secrets of French Fries

There's a place where all the available information about French fries is gathered and accessible to everyone. Whether it's about the best equipment to make them, the different ways to cook them, the most suitable potato varieties, all this data is compiled there by a team of real enthusiasts. 🤝

Have you guessed what this great address is where everything is available to make French fries ? It's simply the site you are currently on : frenchfryhead.com

Joking aside, our ambition is to continue to share with you quality content and to unearth for you more and more new products related to our favourite subject, FRENCH FRIES ! We are also happy to know that we have built a real community and that more and more of you are joining us.

As you may have noticed, French fries have many stories to tell about them through unusual facts. Records of all kinds, crazy experiments and the most unusual inventions also concern this dish. These are not well known to the general public. We therefore hope that you have enjoyed this selection and that it has given you as much pleasure to read as it has to write. 📝

Thanks to this article, we can now say with certainty that you are a certified French fry lover ! So these will hold no secrets for you. So share these anecdotes with your family or friends and impress them with your somewhat... unseen culture.

For us, the writing of this article has made our mouths water and you ? By the way, don't hesitate to get the necessary equipment available on our site to cook fresh French fries yourself very easily. You're bound to find something you like, whatever your taste (no pun intended).

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