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🔎 Who are we ?

Our™ Team is made up of real enthusiasts of this dish we all love, I named : French Fries !

Located in the southern United States, we are also human beings just like you. Except that we also manage this website that we try to develop more and more as time goes by.

🎯 What are we aiming at ?

With this site, we are trying to create a virtual exchange place where all French Fries lovers can meet and learn more about this dish and that it will no longer have any secrets for you, especially through French Fries Products but also a Blog rich in content.

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You will be able to create and customize your own 15% discount CODE for your own use, for your audience or for your friends.

*When a user passes through your link and as long as they do not reset their device or change it, the browsing history remains in memory. So this ensures your earnings despite the passage of time or a user's desire to buy later.

🍟 Summary: You can in total autonomy support our site which is generally related to the interests of your visitors (Kitchen/Household/Fries...).

The more you put forward our products, the more you collect earnings thanks to the 15% commission on the whole basket you recover, in addition to being able to offer your audience or yourself your own Discount CODE.

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